Kids Karate

Kids Karate

We offer a variety of Kids Karate Classes in our Oadby Karate Club
based at the White Tiger Training Centre in Oadby.

Our Beginners Karate Class is ideal for children starting out in
Martial Arts and are structured to suit their needs.

The emphasis in these Kids Karate Classes is to develop
coordination, increase self-discipline, build confidence,
enhance concentration, and it’s a great way for young children
to be active and achieve fitness in a fun way.

The Kids Karate Classes in Oadby are on Saturdays and are taught
by our Senior Instructor who has a vast knowledge and experience
of teaching Martial Arts to young children.

We also have other Kids Karate Classes for older children at our
Oadby Karate Club, and they are ideal for our Junior students to
progress to.

Our grading syallabus is ideal for all our Karate Kids to work through
towards Black Belt and beyond on their Martial Arts journey.

The training times for our Kids Karate Classes and Junior Karate Classes
are listed on the Activity Page along with other Martial Arts Classes and
Fitness Classes we run in Oadby

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